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Watch: Windows 11 first commercial, features new design and Halo’s Master Chief

Microsoft Windows 11 is arriving on October 5. Ahead of the launch, the tech giant has debuted the first ad campaign for Windows 11 which highlights the new streamlined Fluent design of the operating system along with the new features and integrations.
Considering the effort the company has put over the look and feel of Windows 11, it makes sense that the company is putting the design and aesthetics over functionality and features.
As mentioned, the 60-second TV commercial is all about showcasing Windows 11’s new design, rounded corners, Fluent UI and features The commercial features ‘All Starts Now’ by Odessa and it’s a fantasy-led visualisation of all the important features of the operating system such as Teams integration, new Microsoft Store, brand new rounded corners and fluent design and more.
At the beginning of the commercial, an actress turns on her laptop running Windows 11 operating system then disappears in her couch and drops into the world of apps and software where she selects the Xbox Game Pass app that brings up Master Chief from Halo to destroy a Halo banshee from the sky with a colourful blast that shows the new Widgets of the OS.
The next part highlights the Microsoft Teams integration via a hummingbird flying around the scene where the Teams tabs slide up from the rivers with a beautiful looking transparent design. The new bloom default wallpaper is also a part of the commercial which is hidden deep in the ocean.
The commercial then ends with a small dance piece which leads to showcasing multi window features establishing the tagline ‘Brings you closer to what you love’.

The Windows 11 is one of the most advanced operating systems Microsoft has ever built. Also, the updated design with transparent background and rounded corners gives it a modern look and feel.
Apart from tha design, Windows 11 also features a new Microsoft Store with Android app support (arriving later), Widgets, Microsoft Teams integration, new Start menu, updated context menu and the list can go on.
The company has also started updating its first party apps like Paint, Snipping tools, Calendar, Mail, Photos, etc to offer a unified user experience. If you want to read more about Windows 11 features and changes, click here.
Also, Windows 11 is coming out on October 5 and it will be available as a free upgrade to most compatible devices. If you are not sure whether your system is compatible with Windows 11, click here to read our step-by-step guide.

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