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US, European countries introduce coercive measures against unvaccinated people

While the number of coronavirus cases in the US and Europe continues to increase, coercive measures are taken in many countries, especially in the US, to ensure that people get the vaccine.

In the US and European countries, where the majority of the population has taken at least one vaccine dose, force majeure measures are being implemented to restrict the entry of unvaccinated people to closed and crowded areas under various practices.

 Mandatory vaccination in US becomes widespread

While there are different practices on the vaccination requirement at the state and local government levels in the US, it is not expected to be required at the national level.

After the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted full vaccine approval to Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in a few weeks, many federal agencies and private companies are expected to require their employees to be vaccinated.

While the Pentagon makes vaccination mandatory for all soldiers until mid-September, it is estimated that other ministries will also follow suit. US President Joe Biden also fully supports the Pentagon’s decision.

Some companies from the private sector in the country have already started to require their employees to be vaccinated. While US television channel CNN laid off three of its unvaccinated employees, American Airlines mandated vaccinations for all employees. Other airlines are expected to follow this path as well.

Vaccination is mandatory for health and education staff in many states.

Meanwhile, there are reactions to mandatory vaccination, especially from the Republicans, who argue that the vaccination requirement is a restriction on freedom.

 Vaccination certificate in UK

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that as of the end of September, vaccination certificates will be mandatory for entry to nightclubs and some venues where large crowds gather.

The British government announced on August 4 that nursing home workers will be required to be vaccinated from November.

Meanwhile, a 10-day quarantine requirement upon arrival has been lifted for US and European Union citizens who have received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

 COVID-19 health pass in France

In France, the COVID-19 health pass has been launched, which is mandatory for interregional trips, entrance to hospitals, restaurants, cafeterias, movie theaters, museums and shopping centers, indoor venues with a capacity of more than 50 people, and amusement parks.

As part of the COVID-19 health pass, the QR codes will be checked at the entrance of these venues. The QR codes are given to those who are fully vaccinated, who have a negative PCR test in the last 72 hours, or who have recovered from the disease in the last six months.

 Germany introduces ‘3G’

As of Aug. 23, those who have been vaccinated in Germany will not be subject to any restrictions in their daily lives, while those who have not been vaccinated will face some restrictions.

When entering indoor places, those who are not vaccinated must present a document showing that they either had a test or survived the COVID-19, with the new application, which is dubbed as 3G.

3G refers to three German words: geimpft which means vaccinated, getestet which means tested and genesen which means recovered.

To enter hospitals, nursing homes, indoor areas of restaurants, places of worship, weddings, meetings, hairdressers and gyms, and indoor swimming pools, proof of vaccination or a document indicating that the person has recovered from the coronavirus will be required.

As of October 11, adults who have not been vaccinated in the country will not be able to benefit from free COVID-19 tests. These individuals will have to pay test fees, which average €15 ($17.6).

Free testing will continue, only for those who cannot be vaccinated due to health conditions, pregnant women, children, and teenagers under the age of 18.

Face masks and social distance rules will continue to be implemented in Germany.

Green pass initiative in Italy

As of August 6, the government in Italy launched the green pass, a digital or printed health document.

As part of this initiative, those who enter closed places such as archaeological sites, gyms, theaters, schools, restaurants, and cafes, and those who will travel by plane, ship, train, or intercity buses, must show the green pass indicating that they either got at least one vaccine dose, or a negative test result, or they have recently recovered from the virus.

‘Covid Safe Ticket’ in Belgium

On July 31, the Belgian government announced the implementation of the “Covid Safe Ticket” document for participation in outdoor events.

With the initiative that will come into effect from Aug. 13 in the country, those who attend these events must show a COVID-19 document indicating that they are fully vaccinated, or they have a negative result by having a PCR test within 48 hours, or that they have recently recovered from the disease.

 Number of COVID-19 cases in US, European countries

The trend of increase in virus cases continues in the US and European countries.

According to the US’ Johns Hopkins University, the US recorded the highest number of infections in the world with more than 36 million cases.

In Europe, the highest number of cases was seen in France with over 6.4 million, while more than 6.1 million cases were seen in the UK.

Spain and Italy reported over 4 million cases while Germany has seen over 3.8 million cases.

 Vaccination in US, European countries

According to Our World in Data, a tracking website affiliated with Oxford University, the US has administered over 351.9 million shots.

Germany has administered 95.3 million vaccine doses, the UK (86.6 million) and France has given 77.6 million vaccine shots.

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