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Turkey cares about Afghan refugees but isn’t ready for yet another influx, here’s why


1:31 PM | September 08, 2021

There are 400,000 Afghan refugees in Turkey and the state provides them with housing and medical services, putting a burden on the Turkish economy. And this is why another wave of asylum seekers might be devastating for Ankara.

Thousands of people are still scrambling to flee Afghanistan, just a day after the Taliban*, an Islamic group deemed a terrorist organisation by many international players, announced the formation of their government.

According to reports, more than 123,000 civilians, including thousands of Afghans, have been evacuated by the US since mid-August. Some 8,000 others were airlifted by the UK, and the United Nations has already warned that up to half a million people could flee the war-torn country by the end of this year.

The UN has also urged neighbouring states to keep their borders open to give those who want to flee an opportunity to do so.

Ignoring UN Plea

The problem is that not many are listening. Neighbouring Pakistan, where an already sizeable Afghan community (more than 1.4 million) resides, has refused to take in any more refugees.

A similar situation is being observed in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, where the authorities have said they are not willing to admit any Afghans seeking refuge on their territory.

And they are not alone. Recently, it was reported that Greece is constructing a 40-kilometre fence to protect itself from potential refugees seeking a safe haven in Europe.

Neighbouring Turkey is taking similar measures. At the end of August, it announced that it would strengthen its border with Iran to stop the influx of Afghans fleeing Taliban rule. The country has also constructed a 155-kilometre stretch of a planned 241-kilometre wall.

Refugees Come With a High Price Tag

Tanya Goudsouzian, a Canadian journalist who has been covering Afghanistan for nearly two decades, says she understands the actions taken by the Turkish government.

“There are nearly 4 million Syrian refugees, close to 400,000 Afghan refugees, and over 100,000 Iraqi refugees in Turkey. It would be hard to argue that Turkey is not doing its part to assist refugees”.

“But there are internal considerations, too. Housing, feeding, and providing healthcare to these people can take a toll on any country’s economy and resources. Turkey is already at maximum capacity regarding the refugee issue and does not have the necessary capabilities to accommodate another massive influx”, she added.

Security Concerns

Ankara’s concerns are not limited to economic issues only. Turkish authorities are also wary of their country’s security if another wave of Afghan refugees hits their borders.

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