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Top luxury resorts in Pushkar


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When we talk about a good trip first we think of a good place to stay in, and if we need the best trip then we’ll go for a better experience and for a better experience we search for pleasing resorts and better service there. Okay, who doesn’t want an alluring resort to stay in while visiting exceptional places like Pushkar. so! Without wasting your precious time, let me introduce you to some of the best luxury resorts in Pushkar. Before getting started, have a safe and prosperous trip and enjoy the extremely beautiful resorts in Rajasthan Pushkar!

 Pushkar Organic- LUX farm resort with pool

If you are planning a Rajasthan trip then you can consider Pushkar organic resort, the ambiance is just vigorously beautiful. This resort is intertwined with nature, you can enjoy nature by just sitting on the balcony. The resort also provides an extremely beautiful garden with an outdoor pool. The place is famous for cycling because of its famous view and you can hire bikes and cars at the restaurant. Rooms are provided with linen and towels. The Brahma temple is just 2.1 km far from the accommodation and the Varaha temple is just 2.3 km distanced from the property. If you are interested in simple and nature friendly resorts then I would suggest this resort.

Top luxury resorts in Pushkar

Brahma Heritage-Luxury Rooms with Nature View 

Best interior with a sophisticated garden and gorgeous interior is how I can explain Brahma Heritage-Luxury Rooms with Nature View. With a beautiful garden you can enjoy the sunset and standards are taken seriously, for their reputation they maintain the rooms and keep them topnotch and the interior is just so lux! Premium level interior design and in the premium bathroom you can have a proper and peaceful shower. It also provides customers with a luxury kitchen with a proper dining area. They also claim to provide continental breakfast to the customers. I think there’s everything that a person needs in a lux hotel and the hotel is something more than your expectations!

Camp lands end 

Proper lux hotel feeling with a touch of natural resources and antique methods can be seen in this resort. Camp lands end provides an exterior swimming pool close to nature and the vibe will make you feel you are so close to nature. The environment around the resort will give you peace of mind and the prosperity of this resort lies in the village theme that will be totally nostalgic for you and in the end a great experience. The place looks definitely different if you compare it with other luxury resorts. Besides everything I would spend my money and time in this resort cause it’s something every individual or even couples ever wanted in their trip.

Pratap Mahal Pushkar 

Resorts are so beautiful right nah.. go for a mahal! Pratam mahal gives you the ultimate experience of a proper mahal and a grandeur experience as the interior is specifically designed as a mahal. No doubt you are going to enjoy this resort, with a massive and beautiful interior and outdoor pool and its delicacy will bring you peace and relaxation to your Pushkar Rajasthan trip. Besides you have a great outdoors and a lux mahal vibe to it. You can enjoy this resort with your love and your family. At the end of the if you have enough cash you can avail this beautiful resort and chill in the lux vibes.

Nature village resort 

Rocky interior, wooden chairs and antique setup is how I can explain this resort properly. Filled with rich village vibes and modern design with old school touch. You will definitely love it because of its theme and neatness. A proper family restaurant with a playground for children and big family rooms. It also has a large outdoor swimming pool to enjoy valuable time with your family without any stress. Also providing a good and healthy buffet breakfast every morning, basically taking serious care of guest’s and great vibes of enjoyment and peace. A great place to visit and enjoy with your family and also couples.

Rawai luxury tents

As you can already guess the resort is based on a tent theme hence there are a lot of private tent designed rooms with rich and marvelously designed rooms and a feel of living in a tent. It also provides a large and beautiful swimming pool for enjoyment and recreation. They provide you with pretty bathtubs and beds. The most marvelous exterior with mountain views make you feel relaxed and restful. You can enjoy this tent resort with your friends and family and if you are couples then it’s meant to be nothing less than heaven. The rich vibes of the mountain breeze will make you feel otherworldly to be honest.

The greenhouse resort 

This is also a kind of tent based theme resort but with a lot of things provided like a playing tent for kids and a beautiful indoor room for adults. The vibe is excellent. You have got a big pool and plenty of lush green trees surrounding you. With that you get a big swimming pool that’s surrounded with green trees. The outdoors is amazing with a lush and green garden and you get all the pure air. A great resort for family and couples. You can enjoy the sun set while swimming in the pool. A great place to visit.

 Pushkara resort and spa

A premium and has the high quality as a resort, you’ll get the premium of everything the premium food, rooms and hospitality. The food is great here and if you are planning your destination wedding in Pushkar then this is the place! Great, interior can’t feel less of a premium and delicate hotel and the main hospitality the treatment you get will make you feel airy. You can definitely plan to stay here without any doubts in your mind. If you are planning to enjoy it with your family then it’s great and if you are a couple then you will spend your valuable time in peace.

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