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Threat of terror export to J&K, Russia real: Moscow

NEW DELHI: Admitting the risk of terrorism flowing into Russia and Kashmir from Afghanistan, Russian ambassador to India Nikolay Kudashev Monday said India and Russia had “common concerns” that Afghanistan should not be used to spread terrorism.
“As far as the phenomena of terror are concerned, we do share our concerns with India. There is a danger of terror being spread to the Russian territory and the territory of Kashmir. This is a matter of common concern,” Kudashev told a news agency on the sidelines of an event at the Russian embassy.
Russia and China had last month abstained from voting on a UNSC resolution on Afghanistan saying that it didn’t name terror groups like ISIS and ETIM.
Kudashev said that there was ample scope for cooperation between India and Russia on Afghanistan and both sides have been in regular touch with each other.
“Both India and Russia are concerned about the situation in Afghanistan. We want an inclusive government. We want that the Afghan soil should not be a source of terror for other countries in the region,” Kudashev said, adding that recognition for the government was not an immediate area of focus.
Asked about Pakistan’s support to terror groups operating in Afghanistan, Kudashev said Russia expects Pakistan to be among the countries that would like to see predictability and a secure environment in Afghanistan.
Kudashev said tackling the threat of terror had been a matter of continued dialogue between Russia and India under multiple frameworks, including the bilateral mechanism of the counter-terror working group.
“Counter-terrorism is part of each and every bilateral meeting. Rest assured we know about this danger and we are most willing to cooperate to deal with it,” he said.
“We are for an inclusive government in Afghanistan that can ensure sustainable development in the war-torn country. The Afghan people deserve peace, stability, and sustainable development just as any other nation in the world,” Kudashev added.

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