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A resume is among the most important and necessary papers for our professional life, containing all the information and key details about the applicant’s past while stressing his or her professional prospects and aspirations. A strong CV may give you an advantage over all the other candidates and catch the eye of a potential employer. While there are more methods to style a cv, the three popular ones are combination, functional, and chronological. Based on your experience and goals, either of these resume formats may be helpful.

The Different kinds of Resume Formats

It is crucial to tailor your CV to the particular position and its criteria. There are several resume types, and you can just take a brief glance over them before deciding which one would be best for you, given your requirements. Finding the appropriate structure is your responsibility when you look online for appropriate guidance prior to making one. 

  1. Functional resume format

Instead of placing the utmost weight on an applicant’s academic record and educational credentials, the functional resume emphasizes their professional abilities and qualities. Creating this kind of CV requires specific knowledge of your unique skills and accomplishments. You should actually devote a whole part to outlining your skills and attributes and describing what makes you unique from the competition. Additionally, you should state whether you have previously performed any volunteer activities. The importance of highlighting your prior job experiences in the relevant industry cannot be overstated. You should also include a brief description of your interests in your resume.

Pros and cons:

  • This is the best resume format if a person often switches jobs or moves from one organization to another.
  • It is also extremely beneficial if you are seeking employment for the first time in a long period.
  • If you wish to switch departments or fields, you must create a functional resume.
  • Applicants with significant experience who are senior to the younger applicants for employment can benefit from this format. 
  • It is sometimes believed that a functional CV would stagnate a person’s professional progress.
  • It just highlights your abilities and accomplishments, but other crucial elements must also be considered.
  • Most people don’t have many abilities to emphasize on the CV, which puts them at a disadvantage.
  1. Reverse chronological resume

In a chronological cv, your professional accomplishments and accomplishments are included from the most recent job down to the earlier ones.

The chronological resume is the best option for job searchers who already have a great deal of experience and accomplishments to put on their cv.

The chronological resume is a preference for employers, according to research. That is because when you are seeking a job, a hiring manager will initially seek professional experience on your cv.

Pros and cons:

  • Many job candidates utilize this style since it is the simplest. The employers will see every aspect of the prospective employee and can then determine whether to employ him or not.
  • Both experienced staff and new hires can use this.
  • Each piece of info is presented systematically.
  • It is best to avoid using this style if you wish to alter the sector of the profession because it will do nothing to promote your case.
  • It won’t please a recruiter if you are seeking employment after a significant break. 
  1. Hybrid or combination format

The components of both a chronological and functional resume are combined in the hybrid cv style. Your list of competencies serves as the primary focus. In a hybrid cv, this part appears immediately after your contact details at the beginning.

The bulleted list of talents in the skills overview supports each one with references from prior accomplishments and relevant expertise. List your abilities in order of importance to the role you wish to secure.

Add up to four key points highlighting your career accomplishments that show you possess the abilities below each category.

Pros and cons:

  • Describes the most valuable talents and support them with instances from your previous job history.
  • A strong resume structure for those with pauses in their employment history but plenty of practical experience.
  • Only those with considerable job experience competing for a particular position should use it.
  • It’s the most challenging cv format to correctly write.

To conclude, you should proceed cautiously while selecting a specific resume style while seeking employment. There is no best resume format. You should be aware of your needs and select the resume format that best meets them because each resume format has advantages and disadvantages.

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