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I will give you a  free website that will let you set it up in less than 60 seconds to earn Again and Again. This website will let you earn a Passive Income Just For Doing Nothing On autopilot.

It’s the 21st century Going on and you no longer need to do hard physical jobs to earn some money, In fact, there’s a thing called the internet, Which can help you make some passive income. While some people are taking advantage of it and changing their lives in a couple of days. So Why Not You?

That why I am here to change your lives. Follow each and every step to earn a passive income on autopilot.

Step 1: Sign Up on :

Snappa is a platform where you can create different designs from done for you templates and you can do it for absolutely free. 

As you can see that snappa is featured in Hubspot Shopify Forbes buffer and samurai so you can see that how trusted and popular a site is it.

Once you created your FREE account in snappa in less than 60 seconds you will be able to get access to more than 20 million images. 

Step 2: Create a Facebook post or Instagram post :

Once you have signed up for absolutely free you will be able to browse all of these different templates such as social media posts like Facebook posts, Twitter, youtube thumbnails, blogging and infographics, and much much more.

Now what we will be focusing on is either a Facebook post or an Instagram post. You can decide which one of these you want to pick but they’re pretty much the same. 

Note: Now do not worry you will not have to post anything on Facebook you will not have to post anything on instagram you don’t need any followers for this and it’s all going to be really really simple and completely beginner-friendly.

Chose any free template on which you will make your Post.

Step 3: Come over to 

This is a place where you can actually make money by promoting someone else’s products so it’s an affiliate marketplace. Both a CPA and affiliate marketplace where you can browse all the different offers.

1. You grab your affiliate link or your CPA link.

2. You share it with other people.

3. Whenever someone takes the action you will earn a commission.

 See how simple is it. Let me tell you that how is it gonna possible.

Now you need to join by entering your username, Email, Password , Confirm Password 

Once you signed up for absolutely free. Now you will be able to browse all of these different offers. Amazing thing is that you don’t have to wait to get approved for any of these offers you just need to click promote to earn and that’s immediately going to give you your special affiliate link.

Step 4: Go back to snappa and create a post.

Now go back to snappa and create a new post on anything you would like to promote from Yazing. 

Once you have created your design or your post. You have to download it in PNG format in high resolution.

Step 5: Go to

Ad clerks is a platform where you can buy and sell online ads at a very cheap price. So the traffic source which we will be using is from ad clerks this is over at now even though this requires a really really tiny investment.

You can select your category in which you want to promote products. Now you have to buy any ads online from and use your snappa post as a banner over there and enjoy the free passive income on autopilot just for some cents. 

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