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Sergey Tokarev on what opportunities the new educational platform opens up for ML, AI, and data science specialists


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On September 27, the technology company Roosh intends to launch AI HOUSE CLUB, an educational project that will allow Ukrainian specialists to acquire new skills in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). As the founder of the technology company Roosh Sergey Tokarev points out, the organizers have designed several cohort-based courses involving leading experts in the field of AI and ML. In addition, the platform includes mentoring sessions with practical assignments, as well as discussion clubs on the latest scientific research efforts.

4 courses were designed for the educational initiative:

  • MLOps. Deep dive into modern ML productionalization
  • Natural Language Processing: Trends & Solutions
  • Fake News Detection
  • Product School for ML experts: from 0 to 1.

The following experts have already confirmed their participation in the AI HOUSE CLUB platform as teachers: Volodymyr Sydorskyi (Deep Learning Engineer at Respeecher, Kaggle Competition Master), Dmytro Voitekh (Lead ML Engineer at Proxet/GIPHY), Viktor Didkovskyi (Senior ML Engineer at, and Roman Kyslyi (Ph.D. in Computer Science, Former Data Lead at Deloitte).

Sergey Tokarev notes that AI HOUSE CLUB students will study in mini-groups, and that will enable participants with equivalent levels of proficiency to acquire comprehensive knowledge simultaneously. In addition, the platform provides for case studies, as well as the development of both individual and team projects.

“The overriding priority of Roosh is the evolution of product IT and AI sphere in Ukraine, notably through education. The goal of establishing the new AI HOUSE CLUB platform is first and foremost to provide current approaches to training. We have brought together the practical expertise of teachers, constant online facilitation and support within the community. Such an approach to training will provide specialists with an opportunity to make a tangible step forward in their profession,” the Ukrainian IT entrepreneur points out.

According to Bogdan Ponomar, CEO of AI HOUSE CLUB, the training programs have been specially designed for professionals who want to improve their skills, enhance their expertise, or just want to refresh their current knowledge. To join the educational initiative, candidates will need to tell the organizers about their previous experience in the field of AI, as well as explain why they are motivated to become AI HOUSE CLUB students.

“This major step will enable us to form a cohort of students where participants can yield even more benefit to each other than any teacher could do,” Ponomar stresses.

Sergey Tokarev also adds that the organizers plan to hold various events for ML/AI specialists on the platform in September, and everyone interested can take part in them by donating to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In addition, the initiators are planning to launch free Research Paper Clubs allowing their members to take part in various research activities.

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