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Hey there, in this article I’m going to show you six (6) apps that you can use to mine crypto and all these six apps are 100% safe and trusted and you don’t need to worry about being scammed because I have a proof for you guys that these apps pays you and are very safe these apps are very easy to understand but they are not going to give you a Passive Income. But If you want to earn a passive income so you can combine all these six apps without wasting any time let,s began.

App 1; kryptex :

Go to kryptex.org. First of all, Kryptex is Trusted, it has a user interface and functionality that make mining Comfortable for both beginners and pros. It is very profitable and mines the best coin with maximum performance and the app can pay you in bitcoins or real-world money and it is very simple to just let Kryptex work in the background and pay you for the work your device does. If you go to the main page of Kryptex and you scroll down, you will read more about its various characteristics.

You can withdraw bitcoins or send money directly to your bank card. The minimum withdrawal is just $5.


Nicehash.com is a platform where you can also exchange and buy cryptocurrencies as well as mine them. There are more than 50 cryptocurrencies to trade. You can download this app to your mobile phone or any other device. Its available on the google play store and the app store as well they have over 600 000 daily active Workers and over 250 000 daily active Nicehash miners nice hash is a very trustworthy App and it’s also very powerful for mining Cryptocurrencies you can read more about Nicehash on their official web page.

App 3; Awesome Miner :

Awesomeminder.com is a complete solution to manage and monitor mining operations it is powerful for large-scale mining maximizing profit. It’s easy to get started this app is only available for windows unfortunately so if you have any kind of apple device I’m sorry but this is not going to work for you. You can monitor your assets using the coin wallet balance feature and pool balance feature for the most popular mining pools. You can also withdraw your money whenever you like so it is very very easy and very good that they are offering you a wallet you don’t need to already have a wallet or make a wallet for your earnings.

App 4; slushpool

This app is powered by brains. Slushpool.com is a very professional App. These guys are the best at their service. This app is one of the first bitcoin mining pools. These guys are pushing the bitcoin mining industry forward. They cooperate with websites and share insights and news about the stock market and cryptocurrencies in general. They have hash rate proof you can verify that your rewards are safe with their statistical proof and they have their mobile app which you can download. It is available on the google play store and the app store to be available for android and ios.

App 5; Easyminer :

Easyminer.net is the most popular one out of these all websites. They have a free and open source. You don’t need to pay a single penny to start using Easyminer and get crypto coins. They are easy to understand. Their security is on a high level so you don’t need to worry. 

They have their versatility. They have their analytics and real-time statistics so, like an awesome miner,  they have personal wallet Management which is very amazing. You will get a bonus if you start with easyminer and have their live cryptocurrency price fees updated hourly.

App 6; CUDO Miner:

Cudominer.com is the future of cryptocurrency mining they have over 100,000 users earning more coins by using Cudos cryptocurrency miner it is available for download on windows, android, IOS. Their automatic coin switching is made for maximizing your profits. With their unlimited guide to mining, they have made a comprehensive guide to help you start your mining adventure and it is available on their official web page.

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