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Today I will give you two apps that will pay you instantly without wasting any time so you don,t need to wait for withdrawal. You cannot make a passive income using these apps, and that’s Why I want to share multiple apps with you which you can use. If you combine multiple apps, you will be able to maximize your results and then earn a decent amount of money online.  So stay tuned and enjoy reading the article.

App No.1: :

Survey times is a website that provides you surveys. It provides very short and easy surveys and that is so time taking. It,s rate is at least $1 per survey. You can collect some different gift cards, but besides gift cards, you can also collect some real money like PayPal money, and you can also get Bitcoin through Coinbase. So, you can also acquire some cryptocurrency and get paid instantly using Surveytime

This website provides payment with a minimum $1 threshold and pays throw :

  1. $1 Target Gift CARD 

  2. Paypal

  3. Coinbase

  4. $1 Amazon Gift CARD

Now to get started with Surveytime, all we have to do is click on the start now button right and that’s gonna take you over to the next page where you will need to sign up, and you can sign up by either connecting Facebook, Google, or Twitter, which is much easier and faster because it requires only one click. And you will be immediately signed up to Surveytime. But rather than that, you can also enter your email address in this box if you wanna do it manually.

Want to earn more : 

If you want to earn more you can also use its referral system. By sharing it in Facebook groups and with your friends through WhatsApp.

App No.2: :

Cloudways is a platform that provides website-related services such as web hosting and domain registration and much more. You can host your  WordPress site on it by purchasing any of it,s hosting plans. 

Don,t Worry you don,t need to buy any of it hosting plan and don,t even need to invest a single dollar…. Let me tell you that how you will be able to earn money from this website.

You just need to join its affiliate program and that,s it. So you will be able to promote this service in order to make money with your phone and get paid instantly. Because not only they are offering really high commissions but they will be paying you instantly. Like, get high commissions instantly on every customer you refer. 

The more you refer, the more you earn, obviously. So you will get paid $125 per person that you refer to this app, which is really insane because you can refer unlimited people. And let’s say you refer one person a day, that’s over $3,000 a month in earnings, in pure profit just from your smartphone device. 

Whether you have an iOS or Android, it doesn’t matter. And you are being paid instantly, which means that as soon as you get a sale, you can instantly go out and spend it on whatever you prefer, which is really very easy.

SO if you like this article then comment down below and tell me where do you like to spend your extra money……………..

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