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Best Essential Oils For Keeping Bugs At Bay + How To Use Them


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Plants have advanced to emit aromatic compounds that provide some stage of safety from insect assaults. These are preserved through the distillation course of, so any high-quality essential oil will even comprise them.

Essential oils all comprise a number of chemical constituents with names like geraniol, citronellol, citronellal, and linalool. Studies are sparse on particular person elements, however some (like geraniol and vetiverol) are more active against insects than others,” Villafranco explains.

Some generally out there important oils which can be usually used to maintain bugs at bay embody lemongrass, citronella, and geranium, says Villafranco. Mint, basil, and turmeric are additionally skin-safe oils which were researched for his or her repellent properties.

“They all work fairly properly, however as a result of they’re unstable, that means they evaporate into the air pretty shortly, they must be reapplied incessantly to stay efficient. For that cause, I like vetiver, which stays on the pores and skin for much longer than most different important oils,” Villafranco notes.


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