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7 Benefits of Buying Plastic Pallet Through a Master Distributor


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Most of the things you see in a store are usually brought in on a pallet. This means that pallets are very important and need to be selected after a lot of thought.

There are two main types of pallets. The first one is wood pallets and the second one is plastic pallets. 

You will get to choose which type of pallet is more suitable for you. However, we would like to highlight the better option of the two.

Plastic pallets provide more benefits in comparison to wooden pallets. There are a lot of reasons that make plastic the better choice.

 It is more durable and environmentally friendly. It is also more hygienic which makes it great for foods and pharmaceuticals.

However, there are also certain drawbacks. For example, it is more costly and harder to repair.

Plastic pallets are one of the best materials to make pallets with. But you need to make sure you get the pallets from a trusted distributor. 

Finding a trustworthy plastic pallet source can be a lot of work that requires a lot of research. However, if you manage to find a master distributor, the whole process will be made easier for you. 

We have compiled a list of 7 benefits of buying your plastics pallets through a master distributor.

Here below are the 7 Benefits of Buying Plastic Pallet Through a Master Distributor:


If you get your liquidation pallets from a master distributor, you get a chance to build a rapport. Additionally, they can also act as a business partner and an invaluable resource. They will get to know more about your plastic liquidation pallets needs. 

This way they can get the right pallets for you. If you buy liquidation pallets in Denver, a master distributor can help you get in touch with everyone you need so you won’t have to make the extra effort.

Fast Responses:

Master distributors are known for responding quickly to your requests. If you own a liquidation store, you may need new liquidation pallets at the last minute. 

A manufacturer may not be able to supply any pallets at short notice, but master distributors can. They keep track of your inventory which helps them know when you are running low on supply. They also return your calls and emails quickly.

No Minimum Order Size:

When you order from manufacturers or wholesale liquidation companies, they will require a minimum order size. 

This is a challenge if you have a small business or if you just opened a liquidation store. However, master distributors don’t have a minimum order size. This way you won’t have to spend any extra money on pallets that you don’t need.

Value Added Service:

Wholesale liquidation companies or manufacturers will often only provide a single or dual service. However, a master distributor will provide you with additional services upon request. 

For example recycling, storage, organization, pallet buyback programs, etc. You can rely on these distributors for all of your needs regarding your liquidation pallets.

Avoid Delays:

Manufacturers usually have a limited supply of stock. So, if you ever need a greater number of pallets, there will be a delay which may cause a problem. 

However, this is no issue for master distributors. They keep inventory items on hand which means your order will be processed immediately. Shipping is also done promptly. 

This will help you fulfill your needs without any delay. This is important because the ability to fulfill your stock for pallets is crucial for your success.

Better Buying Power:

This industry is known to be very uncompromising when it comes to prices. Almost always, the prices in a liquidation store are fixed.

However, a master distributor can help you negotiate because supply and demand are always evenly distributed. 

This will give you more leverage when it comes to placing orders because you will be able to secure reasonable rates. Master distributors will help you get the best prices possible if you decide to buy liquidation pallets in Denver or in any other major city.


By buying plastic pallets from master distributors, you can always save money in your business. Since plastic pallets are lighter, the shipping costs are reduced. 

Master distributors are more likely to give a great discount on the overall price. Additionally, they also offer additional services that you would’ve had to pay for if you had gone with a manufacturer.


It is not that difficult to find a good master distributor for pallets. A master distributor will help you with all of your pallet related needs. 

This article highlights 7 benefits of getting your plastic pallets through a master distributor but there are so many more benefits than you can think of. 

These are just a few of the reasons you should get a master distributor instead of a manufacturer for buying plastic pallets. They will help you with packing, shipping, transport, etc.

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